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What Southern Cherokee Nation Membership Means to You


The unique Sovereign status that the Southern Cherokee Nation enjoys is a piece of our heritage that we hold dearly. The Southern Cherokee Nation has maintained this status for generations, and has no intention to do anything to diminish that status in any way. Because of our unique position, our relationship with the US government differs than that of most other Native American Nations, in that an 1866 Act of Congress Recognized The Southern Cherokee as a Band of the Cherokee Nation not subject to its Laws and Jurisdiction. In 1867 Southern Cherokee Delegates to Washington were told by the Commissioner of Indian Affairs that as a Band of the Cherokee Nation, any Government to Government Relationship with the United States would have to go through the Cherokee Nation, and that although the SCN was recognized as a Band of the Cherokee Nation, any monetary benefits would be disbursed to the Cherokee Nation and not the Southern Cherokee, as the United States had signed a Treaty with the Cherokee Nation and that the Southern Cherokee remained under a Cease Fire Agreement and had no final closure treaty with the United States.

It is this relationship, which is an Act of Congress(14 Stat 799), that prevents the Southern Cherokee from applying for Separate Federal Recognition under part 83(b) of the BIA's guidelines, which part 83(b) disqualifies the Federal Application process, until and unless Congress ABROGATES the Treaty of 1866 with respect to the Southern Cherokee Nation. We are however working to establish new, cooperative working relationships with the United States, and other world governments, but we will not back down on our position of Sovereignty. And we will not trade any portion of our Sovereignty for any sort of “BIA government handouts” whatsoever. If you are to rejoin the Southern Cherokee, and become a member of the Nation, you must understand the importance of what our Sovereignty means to us all. "MEMBERSHIP SUBJECTS YOU TO THE LAWS AND COURTS OF THE SOUTHERN CHEROKEE NATION."

If you are looking for a way to get U.S. government handouts, (you will NOT receive US govt. Benefits by virtue of enrollment with the SCN) or you just want to have a card to prove to people that you are Cherokee, or are looking to enroll for some other self-serving purpose, you need not apply as you are wasting your time as well as ours. To paraphrase:

“Do not come to us with your hands held out, but instead with your Heads held High in pursuit of Prosperity.”

However, if you are sincere in your desire to reunite with your Cherokee ancestry, to live and practice your native religion and traditions, and are willing to be SUBJECT TO OUR LAWS AND COURTS, then you are welcomed home. We seek to educate our Cherokee members about their traditional Cherokee heritage, culture, language and religious practices as handed down from the Ancestors. If that is your true desire, and you are willing and able to put the good of the entire Southern Cherokee Nation above your own personal desires, then we encourage you to send in your enrollment application right away. We look forward to welcoming you back into our great Nation once again.


@1999-2006 Southern Cherokee Nation