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Apology By The World's Largest Racist Organization means little.

Although about a Third of the Nation's Indian Tribes have now been able to contract for Bureau of Indian Affairs programs formerly provided through BIA, the BIA still has its Stranglehold on Natural Resource Laws affecting the Indians and Funding for Indian Affairs operations.

Congress should dismantle the BIA completely and remove Indian Affairs from the Interior Department into a new Cabinet Level Department of its own, which would include an Indian Treaty Law Court System, where Federal Indian Law can evolve under its own jurisdiction in a Constitutional manner. This would free Treaty and Statutory Rights of Indians from the despotic confines of "Discretionary Authority" congress has created in the Office of the Secretary of the Interior.

The acquiescence of Congress in face of abuse of discretionary authority by the Interior Secretaries, who are picked after the elections without consulting the Indian, points to most of the Racism in Administration of Indian Affairs that has pauperized the American Indian.

That policy of Termination of the governments Moral and Legal Obligations to the Indians is actually the policy of BIA/BLM today, and 638 contracting with BIA is its final tool.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt's cabinet Level National Resources Board-1934-1936, part X found that the majority of the American Indian were landless and homeless. Its recommendations on Indian Land Tenure, Economic Status and population trends in their report and planning committee recommended that the Indian be returned 15 Million Acres of land with another 9 million to be held for their use. (1935), pp.2,11.

In 1934, Congress enacted the Indian Reorganization Act and Supplemented that Act in 1936 with the Oklahoma Indian Welfare Act, the brief resulting policy is credited with causing the Indian death rate to be cut in half. A few of the Tribes were able to benefit by the Act.

The Ira Act of 1934 and Oklahoma Act of 1936, under Administration of Secretary of the Interior Ickes, and Commissioner of Indian Affairs John Collier, has become known as the "Golden Years" of our National Indian Policy.

The report also recommended that Congress enact comprehensive legislation to stop the abuses and erosion of the Public Domain Lands to which the Indian Title has never been extinguished and which comprise more than a Third of the Nation.

The Racist Administration of BIA/BLM will continue so long as BIA exists, and so long as BLM operates to Deprive the Indian of Public Land Allotment Rights on the Public Domain for reason that is Exactly what Termination was all about.

Termination was planned in the "BIA/BLM Section", when Racist Land Sanctions were Secretly created against Indians in the Department of Interior's "Post War Natural Resources Institute" in Washington DC November 1945. "Termination Policy" was based on Destruction of Rights of Landless Indians to receive allotments on the public domain, under the Fourth Section of the Act of February 8, 1887 as Amended.

Termination was also to Destroy the 1934 Indian Reorganization Act policy of Congress and hide the recommendations of the 1936 report of the Natural Resources Board. These things were enumerated in "Secret Staff Policy" drawn in the Departments Natural Resources Institute in November 1945 and that "Policy Has not Changed".

Therefore "Any Tearful Statement of Under-Secretary of BIA, Kevin Gover", is nothing but Malarkey. He is but a BLM puppet.

The IRA Act of 1934, also repealed the First Section of the General Indian (Dawes Act) Allotment Act of Feb 8, 1887 (24 Statute at .Large 388), as Amended by the Act of June 10, 1910. This repeal of the First Section took away the Presidents authority under the Allotment Act to Require Reservation Indians "to take allotments in severalty of their own lands", then declare the remaining lands to be "Surplus Indian Lands" and thus opened to settlement by Non-Indian citizens.

The Allotment Act, called "A great pulverizing machine to break up the Tribal masses" by Theodore Roosevelt in his pen of praise to the Act, has between 1887 and this year, cost the Tribes more than 350 Million Acres of their Reserved lands that has disappeared into white ownership.

Formerly created in the War Department, then transferred to the Department of the Interior, the BIA has been locked into the "Interior Departments Public Land Policy to Destroy the Rights of Indians"and that policy has not changed.. Kevin Gover's tearful speech offering apologies for BIA for their "Legacy of Racism and Inhumanity" to the American Indian people is an insult to their intelligence.

He did not mention the Present Racism that shrouds the Entire government from BIA/BLM up through the Department of Justice to the Supreme Court and the Racists in Congress that still back the "Termination Policy", and those acquiescence to the Racism in BIA/BLM Policy.

So does Kevin Gover's speech mean that BIA will "Never do it again"? BIA can be wrong but does not have to continue to be wrong, and when Gover says "by accepting this Legacy, we accept the moral responsibility of putting things right"- he is Dead Wrong.

He is ineffectual and Fronts for BIA in their Dying Quiver. "Never Again" said Gover, "will we attack your religions, your languages, your rituals, or any of your Tribal ways, Never Again will we seize your children, nor teach them to be ashamed of who they are. Never Again."

Lawyer Gover is not the highest ranking government official that has ever said that, of course, unless you disregard several hundreds of Treaty promises made. Gover's Staff Officials say "we do not now recognize those treaties". To say what Treaties and Laws will be "Recognized" by BIA is in Vogue in BIA today. Gover even blames the "Ethnic Cleansing" (polite BIA words for Genocide) that fostered the Whiteman's genocidal actions against western tribes, the Indian Removals from Tribal Lands, and the deliberate spread of disease (Germ Warfare-smallpox etc.) and the decimation of the Buffalo Herds, on the BIA (of the past).

True, BIA payed their part in the matter well-as directed by Congress, the Presidents, and the Supreme Court [see Lonewolf v. Hitchcock, 187 US 553 (1903)], the American Indians except maybe a few Bird-Brains in the "NCAI" looking for control of handouts, would rather hear Gover talk about the situation here today.

Most of Americas Landless (and homeless) Indians got that way for reason the Christian whites, upon finding that the world wasn't flat after all, thought it was a Godly thing to do, to sail along a coast, plant a flag and claim the land they "Discovered" for their Foreign Nation, the King, and the Church.

The theory of people only being entitled to their homelands until they were claimed or conquered and robbed like all 16th century ignorance, found a field day in Indian Lands, even those reserved to them by treaty were whittled down under Congressional Action which declared those lands surplus Indian Lands to be taken and opened to whites by "Lottery" (before Christians quit gambling, of course) so they could create States for themselves, like Oklahoma.

In those Taking Laws, called Indian Allotment Acts, no reservation was safe and the theft continued until the Indians have practically nothing, and the United States holds One Third of the National Land base in "Their" National vacant public domain, about 772 million acres, managed by BLM, plus the National Forests (including deserts like Mojave National Forest,-a forest with no trees) all swiped from Indians and the Policy continues.

Those Allotment Acts, like Treaties, promised Indians "Individual Allotments on the Public Domain and in National Forests" (see: 25 US Code sections 332, 333, 334, 336, 337, 355, 345-346, etc.) These lands in 13 western States point to all kinds of withdrawals , for range lands for white citizens, placed there by the government, for wilderness areas (so they can stay there). Whites could get lands under the "Small Track Act" (finally repealed) and the Homestead Acts, etc. BIA/BLM fought Indian Rights to the same lands.

But the Allotment Acts, such as Section 4 of the Act of February 8, 1887 (24 Stat. 388) as Amended by the Act of February 28, 1891, passed to get at Indian Reservation Lands, and which Teddy Roosevelt call "a Great Pulverizing Machine to break up the Tribal Masses": (another Christian way to say Genocide) contained a few beneficial sections. Section 4 which provided that Landless Indians who reside off reservations, or for whose Tribe no reservation had been provide by Act of Congress or Treaty or Executive Order-could claim Individual Allotments at up to 160 acres each. The BIA would claim allotments for Indian Orphan Children see: 25 US Code Indians- Sections 332 et.seq., 28 US Code 1353; 8 US Code 1401(b).

Gover, as Under-Secretary for the Department of the Interior for Indian Affairs shares the responsibility, with the Under Secretary of the Bureau of Land Management, to act on Indian Allotment applications filed under those Statutes. Those statutes provide the authority for allotment of land to Indian citizens that have no Indian land and have not received allotments. The statutes also provide the procedures under which to obtain such allotments. Both of the Under Secretaries, and their Boss the Secretary of the Interior, have a duty to the law and to what it says. But, even though it is their sworn duty to abide by these laws They Do Not. Why?

It is simple. They are more concerned for the Free Uninhibited use of the Public Lands than they are for the Indian Welfare, and because they perpetuate the Policy of "White Racist Manifest Destiny" upon which the United States expansion and Indian Genocide took place.

True, Gover's BIA apology to the American Indians, as emotion packed and tearful as it was, was a bit unusual, maybe, or is it just Spin-Doctoring for an Agency that has outlived its Racist Goals and is being farmed out to Indians under 638 Contracts, and looking for funding in order to stay alive.

True, BIA has the "Worst Record in the History of the United States as a Racist operation"-or in the world for that matter, but not only for its Legacy of Racism and Murder, but for reason it is Useless otherwise.

The American Indian Policy Review Commission that reviewed Indian Affairs back in 1975 found that the BIA only provided services to about a third of the Tribes, or not much over a third of the American Indians, and that the Snyder Act, was to provide funds for all Indians. Therefor the BIA has taken it "Upon Itself" to classify most Tribes as Federally "Unrecognized Tribes".

Most of the funding appropriated by Congress for Indians, all during BIA's history went for Administrative costs for BIA to "Perpetuate itself". The Indians that received service came from about 20 percent. BIA also has a legacy of "Lying" to the rest of government.

Under 638, some Tribes, mostly belonging to "NCAI" like bloodsuckers, lobby for Federal money for "Recognized Tribes" that support "NCAI" and actually add to the oppression of "unrecognized tribes".

Most of the "Recognized Tribes" opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1968 for Indians but in spite of their opposition, other organizations fought for passage of the Act and the Act halted the 1953 Terminationist Public Law 280 authorizing States to assume jurisdiction over Indian Lands without the consent of the Tribe, and that consent would require two thirds majority vote of the Tribe a State would want to take over through assumption of Civil and Criminal Jurisdiction.

The forgotten American Indians are those who have been stripped of their lands, some by Treaty, some by defeat, some by confiscation on pretexts of "Un-loyalty" for being on the side of the South during the War of Rebellion.

That is why Congress should "Disband the BIA" and move all of Indian Affairs into a Department of its own with a Federal Court System so that Racism in Government can be curtailed in Indian Affairs.

Racism will always control while BIA still exists and remains locked into BLM Operations as it is. A million such statements as made so tearfully by Gover will do nothing whatever to solve the problem of white racism in the US Government.

It is not an Indian problem, it is a US Government problem.

Respectfully Gary Ridge Principal Chief Southern Cherokee Indian Nation.



@1999-2006 Southern Cherokee Nation