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Claiming Membership


Membership Requirements

All persons of Cherokee blood, who are direct descendants of a Cherokee ancestor, are encouraged to enroll.
All "Treaty Party" descendents and Freedmen descendents from the Coowescowee and Canadain District Census records who are presently Enrolled with the CNO are invited to also Enroll with the SCN to LEGALLY EXERCISE your Separate Treaty Rights now and in the future.

Since its inception in 1834, the SCN has been a Nation of "mixed-bloods" - therefore it is not required that you, your parents, or even your grandparents were "full-blooded" Cherokees. We do not Recognize the US BIA guidelines for "who is and who isn't" a Cherokee. The Southern Cherokee Nation is an independent, Sovereign Federally Recognized Band of the Cherokee Nation by an Act of Congress, and only the SCN government is qualified to set enrollment guidelines. We adhere to the 1827 Constitution of the Cherokee Nation regarding the computation of the degree of Indian Blood.

Children of enrolled SCN members are also eligible for enrollment. Also, if you are currently enrolled in another Cherokee group or Band, you may transfer your enrollment if you prefer to be enrolled with the SCN, as long as you can DOCUMENT your Cherokee Bloodline.

For enrollment forms, please send a few stamps and a legal-sized SASE to: Southern Cherokee Enrollment PO Box 142 Webbers Falls, OK 74470

An application for Membership will be mailed to you in the Return Envelope that you supply...

The application contains a basic genealogy chart... please include roll numbers and reference to which roll your ancestors descend from....

In the event that your family avoided enrollment, please submit sworn affidavits as to your genealogy and how it was revealed/handed down to you.

Please attach (REQUIRED) copies of birth/death/marriage records... as they often times list the parents of the newborn child, couple being wed, or the surviving issue of the deceased....

Church records, military records, and cemetery records also often reveal ancestry.

We do not provide genealogy research. Should you desire to seek help in this area, we highly recommend the book: "Cherokee Proud", by Dr. Tony McClure, to aid you in this endeavor. Dr. McClure's book is a virtual checklist to document your ancestral heritage...

There are no membership fees, and membership cannot be bought. Realize however, you are becoming a member of a Sovereign Tribe and will, as a member, "BE SUBJECT TO THE TRIBAL LAWS of the Southern Cherokee Nation;"

You may apply to become a registered applicant and participate within the Tribe while you are in the process of documenting your Cherokee bloodline, however if you can presently document your Cherokee bloodline we encourage you to Petition our Court for Enrollment as a Member rather than as an undocumented Registered Applicant.

Members vote and hold elected offices within the Tribe, Registered applicants cannot vote but can hold appointed offices within the Tribe.

Should you decide to enroll as a documented member you MUST PETITION our Court, the Court will verify your documentation and issue a Court order to the Clerk of Court for your enrollment as a member.

As with any Court there is a non-refundable $25 Court cost. The Court cost does not guarantee enrollment and is not an enrollment fee, Please do not Petition the Court for enrollment unless you have a documented bloodline, as you would be wasting your $25 court cost.

Decisions of the Court as to your documentation are appealable and are always subject to review for accuracy.

We realize that it is true that you know who you are and should not have to prove it to anyone, however this is the reality of the world we live in today. Everyone has to prove who they are in order to obtain a Social Security Card, Drivers License, to attend Kindergarten, to play sports at school, to join the military, to board a commercial airliner, to obtain credit, to purchase a home, to acquire employment, to obtain a Visa/Passport to access the internet, its just a fact of life especially in the terrorist realm of the world today, so do not be offended when we ask for documentation of your bloodline, as Documentation is Required to exercise the Treaty Rights as a member of the Tribe.


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